"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Grounded Leaders | Connected Humans | Powerful Teams

Lost your spark?

Feel like you were meant for more, but not sure what?

Want to make a difference in the world, but not sure how?

Here's the secret: It's not about what you do. It's about being you.

How does "being me" make a difference, you ask?

We're all connected.


Your energy impacts the world. What quality of energy physically, emotionally, and spiritually are you bringing to the table? Are you a high achiever facing burnout? Are you stuck in old patterns? Trapped in well-worn thoughts and stories that hold you back from fulfilling your dreams? Do you feel pretty good overall, but feel like something is missing? Are you searching for a clearer sense of direction or a higher purpose for your life?

You have everything you need to create your most aligned, world-changing life.


If that doesn't feel true for you, don't panic! You are normal and ok. Throughout our lives, our experiences and the people around us can intentionally or unintentionally condition us in ways that pull us off course from the natural expression of our energy and who we really are.


Maybe you've gone through life living out someone else's expectations. Maybe you secretly know who you are but you believe it's not safe to express who you are in the world. Maybe you're so overwhelmed by external stimuli that you have a hard time hearing the voice of your inner wisdom.


You have the power to restore your natural energetic flow. You have the power to realign your life.

Ready to reclaim your power?

Reclaiming your power changes the world.

Reclaiming your power means rewriting the stories that are holding you back and keeping you stuck. Transforming pain into meaning and impact. Transforming fear into personal agency. It means becoming resilient: learning to access your own inner power no matter what circumstances you face.


You were born to be grounded, connected, and powerful.

You were born to feel fulfilled and fired up.

Discover a renewed sense of purpose, joy, and zest for life.


In that energy, you make your highest contribution to the world.

Looking at your energy through the lens of Quantum Human Design™ can help you restore and realign your flow and help you rediscover your spark.

Quantum Human Design™ is a synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science. It integrates elements of the Hindu chakra system, the Chinese I'Ching, eastern and western astrology, the Judaic Kabbalah, quantum physics, epigenetics, and beyond. It’s a beautiful dance of philosophy, science, and personal agency woven into a map that guides you home to your true self.

I like to call it the "unified theory of everything."

Quantum Human Design™ gives you clues, keys, and language to evolve and elevate your way of being in the world. It's an energy blueprint that's unique to you and an all-encompassing look at what's possible for humanity. To paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson, the creation of all of humanity is in you.

“Your Human Design is your key to understanding your energy, your Life Purpose, your Life Path, and your Soul’s journey in this lifetime. You are a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event and the fulfillment of your potential and purpose is the greatest gift you can give the world.”

~ Karen Curry Parker

Feeling inspired to learn more? Join me on a three-stage resilience-building journey called:


Rocket Science for Your Soul

Stage One: Quantum Human Design™

During a Quantum Human Design™ (QHD) Foundation Session, you'll learn the elements of the QHD Chart as well as your personal QHD Type and Strategy. You'll gain insight into the energy you radiate into the world and the energy you receive from others. You'll learn how to work with your energy instead of against it — so you can create a truly fulfilling and meaningful life for yourself and make the impact you're here to make.

As you take what you've learned and start to apply it in your life, you'll have questions. You'll experience "aha" moments. We'll come back together in an Integration Session so you can ask questions, share your insights, and learn more about your design.

Ready to go from where you are to where you want to be?

Stage One: Quantum Human Design


  • 90-minute QHD Foundation Session via Zoom

  • 60-minute QHD Integration Session via Zoom

  • PDF of your QHD Chart

  • Video and Audio recordings of your Foundation and Integration Sessions

  • Resource Bundle for additional learning at your own pace

Investment in your transformation: $333

Want to take your energy awareness to the next level?

Stage Two: Energy Leadership


Each piece of your QHD Chart has a high expression, a low expression, and everything in between. Energy Leadership will give you a practical framework for understanding different levels of energy along the spectrum. You'll learn how to identify and shift your energy at will — so you can consciously create your experience of life in each moment.

The Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI) measures how you're currently showing up to life. It's a snapshot of your current energetic profile and average resonating level of energy (ARL). With time and awareness, you can change how you show up energetically. Increases in ARL have been linked to increased satisfaction, engagement, joy, and fulfillment in work/life balance, relationships, health and wellness, productivity, leadership ability, feelings of personal freedom, and more.

Combine your unique energy blueprint from Quantum Human Design with your current energetic profile from Energy Leadership and you'll walk away with a power pack of insights, strategies, and resources to help you create a more fulfilling life and contribute to a more fulfilled world.

Ready to acknowledge your progress and adjust course?

Stage Two: Energy Leadership


  • Everything in Stage One, plus:

  • Online Energy Leadership Index Assessment

  • 90-minute ELI Foundation Session via Zoom

  • 60-minute ELI Integration Session via Zoom

  • PDF of your Energy Leadership Report

  • Video and Audio recordings of your Foundation and Integration Sessions

Investment in your transformation: $777

Want to skyrocket your energy and creativity?

Stage Three: Quantum Alignment System


The Quantum Alignment System will give you tools and practices to radically shift and break through stuck energy so you can share the gift of your fullest self with the world.

The Quantum Alignment System (QAS) is based on the idea that there are nine Resiliency Keys woven into our being: Vitality, Courage, Decisiveness, Authenticity, Self-Trust, Emotional Wisdom, Empowerment, Lovability, and Self-Worth. The conditioning we experience throughout our lives can pull us off course from the natural embodiment of these Resiliency Keys, leading to feelings of inadequacy, frustration, powerlessness, fear, lack, burnout, and more.


Wherever you are in life, chances are that some or all of these Resiliency Keys need realignment. QAS will help you clear limiting beliefs, break old cycles, and forge new meanings from your life experiences. Meanings that launch you into powerful new possibilities for your future and the future of humanity. 

Ready to let go and lift off?

Stage Three: Quantum Alignment System


  • Everything in Stages One and Two, plus:

  • Three (3) 60-minute Quantum Alignment Sessions via Zoom

Investment in your transformation: $1,111

Resilience actually IS rocket science. And you can rock it!

Want more support?

I offer 1:1 Coaching for clients who are ready to take radical responsibility for living into the highest expression of their Souls.


Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Exploration Session to see if we'd be a great fit to work together.

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**Watch my interview on Karen Curry Parker's Understanding Human Design Podcast to learn more about the journey of resilience-building that's led me to where I am today here in this moment with you!**

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